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 Welcome one and all...

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Welcome one and all... Empty
PostSubject: Welcome one and all...   Welcome one and all... Icon_minitimeMon 11 Feb 2008, 7:52 pm

Welcome one and all...

If you are reading this then you are either new to LoG or you are from another wing and you have decided to see what all the fuss is about.
Either case, i personally welcome you.

To register, click on the flashing icon, entitled register.
Next you will have to fill in your details. Please can everyone use their Server ingame username. It helps to know who we're speaking to.

Now in the past, once you have submitted your details. You would be sent a email with a code in it. Meaning you would be able to activate your username yourself.
This of course has caused some problems, with people registering who don't even play Travian. Therefore i personally will activate your account from now on.

Now, once you have registered your details. Send me, Sokar an ingame message. Verifying that you have registered and your account needs activating. Also note in the message the username you have registered with.
I will activate your username as soon as i have heard from you and not until then will you be able to access the forum.
I will inform you, when your username is active.

Hope to hear from you soon.

*All current registered players do not have to re-register. To reach the LoG HQ forum, click the portal icon, much the same process as above really in registering for this forum. If you would like a long winded discussion about why we have two forums, then i am available on a Tuesday all day. I look forward to it.
Messages should be sent to either Guarshwinie or minskyyy regarding activation for this forum.

Overlord Sokar

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Welcome one and all...
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